Senior Activities


Most older Americans know all about playing bingo but James Igani has added a new twist to the game that makes it healthier and more fun! The founder and owner of Back to Health Institute, James knows how to help older adults protect and improve their health by making wise dietary choices. And that's exactly why he incorporated it into his monthly Produce Bingo game which gained popularity two years ago among Creekside residents. Players compete to win prizes from a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables and that makes it a tasty way to play--one of the unique ways that James introduces and excites the residents to eat healthy. He also educates and cautions them about the health scams, including the business of nutrient supplements packed into bottles and boxes that is victimizing millions of older adults at the expense of their health and their money. James Igani, Chattanooga’s wellness coach and a certified nutritionist, says that “As we get older we should pay closer attention to the nutrients already present in raw fruits and vegetables which should be eaten daily. Such foods improve our energy, strength and balance, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure, and reduce arthritic and diabetic pains.”
Every summer James Igani with Back to Health Institute has been entertaining people of all ages with his unique watermelon cutting technique while educating them in the nutritional benefits of watermelon consumption. His unique watermelon cutting technique has captured the world’s attention via and has been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

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