Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Routine consultations with colleagues in various healthcare professions with a focus on improving worker safety and patient care. 
Discussions with managers/directors and their associates in other industries that focus on creating a safe workplace. 
Teaching workers sound ergonomics on the job while providing sound information about healthy eating and good lifestyle choices. 

Specific Programs
It’s time to make a change. The Back to Health Institute’s “Turn Your Healthcare into Self Care” is a program designed to help all class members strive for a positive lifestyle change. Participants use accrued knowledge to attain a life free of health-related problems while getting rid of chronic diseases and disorders. Learn how to live, eat, and move right. There’s nothing to lose except poor health, and everything to gain in the way of healthy living and abundant energy. Increase your performance and productivity and combat life’s stressors. Enjoy an abundant life you never knew existed. 
The following are areas of consultation available for your health care facility, corporation, manufacturing facility, or office.

Do's & Don'ts of Patient Mobility and Transfers
 There are wrong and right ways to move patients without harming them or yourself. Back to Health Institute offers hands-on practical and the most comprehensive lessons in the latest techniques for proper Patient Transfer and Mobility. 

Corporate Wellness Program

Based on current and established wellness practices, Back to Health Institute’s corporate wellness programs are designed to shift the focus from treatment to prevention. It’s the best way to achieve positive results in any work place environment.

Do's and Don'ts of Workplace Ergonomics

With an eye toward workplace safety, we will assess the work done by you and your employees. You will receive a written report of the findings and risks and a presentation involving what needs to be changed to protect your company and the most important investment, your employees. 
A healthy work environment filled with healthy workers is not just a safe place to work, it’s the best place to work.
Small Groups or Individualized Wellness Programs
Is there a group of people who need to improve their overall health? Whether they’re friends, coworkers, or members of your family, the participants in Back to Health Institute’s programs attain a life free of health-related problems and get rid of chronic diseases and disorders. You and those closest to you learn how to live, eat, and move right. Your poor health will become a thing of the past as you learn to live a healthy life filled with abundant energy. 
Positive Christian Singles
 “James-Thank you SO VERY MUCH for another outstanding presentation on healthy eating. Your way of passionately delivering facts, studies, personalized case histories and nutritional information is amazingly convincing. The message designed to assist us in selecting wise lifestyle choices is extremely inspiring”.
To improve patient care, we routinely consult with colleagues in healthcare professions. Speaking with managers/directors and their associates in other industries helps provide a safe workplace. A safe workplace requires healthy workers who eat healthy and make sound lifestyle choices, on and off the job.  
Corporate Testimonials
Morton Kent Habilitation CTR
I would recommend the program for any human services organization that values their staff, clients and quality of care.

Southern Adventist University, Nursing Department
The program prevents many nurses from having back fatigue, and injuries, which will allow them to have long and productive careers. The program would benefit any agency’s job injury prevention, saving untold amounts in Workman’s compensation payments and lost productivity.
Electric Power Board
The program is unique in approaching injury prevention in a new and original way. I sincerely believe that the program provides a win-win situation for our employees and the company alike.  
Baker Donelson Law Firm
Our staff said:
• Mr. Igani’s energy and ability to motivate. He is very inspiring.
• The program was informal, yet professional, very informative and to the point.
Erlanger Hospital
The program has contributed to a healthier and more productive workforce. Your enthusiasm is contagious and employees have really bought into the theme of healthy lifestyle decision making.
This approach not only benefits the company in minimizing job injury and lost productivity, but also benefits the employee by preventing painful and potentially life-changing injuries.
James Igani had a program which was created specifically for healthcare workers and, at our request, tailored a program to specifically meet the needs of our employees and organization.
TC Thompson Children Hospital
James Igani was instrumental in assessing and formulating a correction plan to assist the staff of the NICU in performing their daily care tasks. He not only offered sound advice for modifications the nursing staff could make to their daily practices, he also offered advice for long term changes to better their lives and state of health.
Summit Physical Therapy-Owner/Founder
I wanted to take this time to express my thanks for your guidance, directing me towards a healthier lifestyle. Your passion is very evident in your pursuit to help better people’s lives by helping them make the correct nutritional decisions. My hope is that you will reach those who will listen and continue to make a difference as you have in my life.
Chattem Chemicals, Inc.
The program “Injury Prevention and Maintenance of an optimal back”, was described by a few employees as being “the best safety presentation we ever had.”
Stephen Rich, MD said:
Igani provides a significant service to not only our patients, but also to our healthcare community and his programs contribute to both.  
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